Read One Punch Man manga for free online – the original webcomic!

Ever read the manga One Punch Man? Until recently I had been buying the volumes as they came out and reading those. But then I was talking to a coworker about One Punch Man and apparently the entire series is available ONLINE and for FREE!

I’m not talking about illegal sites out there either…

You see, ONE, the name the author goes by, wrote his comic in his spare time and posted it to his website as a webcomic. These web comics are fairly common but ONE’s comic reached viral success with millions of people reading it online!

This huge success was discovered by the pros and his comic has since been redrawn over time along with a full-fledged anime series.

If you’re interested in a grittier version of the comic that’s quite a bit further along than the currently published series, click for the original version of One Punch Man here and read it now.

One Punch Man original webcomic