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A few years ago I wrote a blogpost about How to Download Japanese Books for Kindle. The first step listed is using a fake address to register your credit card and shipping address. Many readers asked me if this was safe and were quite worried! Reasonably so. Most did it anyways and the guide worked well 🙂

Well, now you no longer need to come up with a fake Japan Mailing Address to ship packages or buy Japanese Books for Kindle.

Click here to get your very own Japan Shipping Address.

Meet OPAS, short for Overseas Personal Address Service. OPAS gives you both a US and Japan shipping address you can use to read mail or route packages to your final destination. You could be living in Berlin and have items delivered to you while on vacation in Thailand if you wanted. That’s pretty cool, man!

The best part of OPAS is that it’s Pay as You Go. That’s right, no fees, no monthly subscription, nothing…

So what are you waiting for? Click here to sign up via my friend link and start ordering yourselves flavored kitkats, Japanese manga and whatever else it is you guys love buying in Japan 🙂s